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I have 3 servers and want to sync time from one server.  also I want the clients to pull time from the server.  Currently I have the net time \\servername /set /yes line on my logon script.  I just want to verify that I have is set correctly.  What will I need to so on the "server" that the script is refering to to ensure that the time is syncing from an outside resource?
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You can set all those ntp settings through either group policy or the registry.  Here's a link that'll help you out.  As for ensuring that it's working, you'll get entries in your event log for time syncs (w32time in the system event log).  Or you can run a 3rd party app that sync's with the same time source and see if it has to make a large adjustment.  There are several free programs out there that you can install.  We used to use an old one called d4 or 4d that worked well, but I don't remember where we got it from and I don't see it doing a google search, but it seemed to be a good one, if you can find it.  It was designed, I believe, for nt4 but it worked on our pre-domain 2000 servers.

As for your clients, run that bat manually with a pause at the end of the bat or within a command line window so you can see whether it was successful.  Or you can just bring up both the server's and client's clocks and see if they're the same.  Or modify that bat to write the results to a text file that you can check to see if it was successful.  This assumes you're not running AD.  If you are, the clients should sync with the pdc-emulator automatically, and you'll get w32time events on all your computers that you can verify.

Good Luck!
dtooth71Author Commented:
good post> although I am recieving an error in my events that states
source: w32time
eventid: 38
time prvider cannot be reached or is currently recieving invalid time data from

has anyone seen this before?
We're also hitting one of the navy's atomic clocks and that message will frequently popup.  Let it run for a day or 2 and you should see success and failure messages intermingled in there.  At least for AD, as long as everything's sync'd with each other, it should be ok.  Hopefully, your server can keep good enough time that it won't get too far off if it can't reach a time server for a few days.  If all you get are failure messages, though, then there's a definite problem.  Check the usual:  ports on the firewall are opened, you have good net connectivity, that's the right name for the ntp server, etc.

As for the deeper question as to why it sometimes can't connect... I haven't looked into it, but I have my suspicions.  Network congestion?  the remote server's slammed?  Too many users streaming media? C'est la vie.
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