Quickreports and loading images from an DB


Can anyone help me on this:

I use a Paradox database: offnr: integer
                                       fotos: Graphic

After appending records I have:  1 - graphic1
                                                1 - graphic2
                                                1 - graphic3

Now I would like to put the images (graphic 1,...) in a quickreport, but within the same band, one next to the other. Can this be done at runtime , creating QRImages one after the other, as I run through the database ?

thx alot
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Hi marioway, nice to meet you !

Is it a must to be used a QuickReport ? (QuickReport orders images from top to bottom - vertically)
(Because I can put images from left to right using another way ....)

mariowayAuthor Commented:
Hi, and what is "the other way" ? I am using a Quickreport.

If you need to print images the QuickReport is a good choice, but if you need only visualization I could do it by ScrollBox ....
you can do it in different ways.

1) the simplest is to use Page.Columns property of Quick report if the images is only thing you need to print,
this way you can use TQRDbImage component
2)you can place  number of TQRImage components in the band (lets say 5).
do not link QR to dataset,
use QuickReport onNeedData Event to browse through database,
and not return from it till you reach eof or fill 5 images
3)you can use QRSubDetail with its onNeedData event in similar way

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mariowayAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much vadim ti. I used a detail band; column = 15, forcenewcolumn = true. And it works fine.

See you later

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