Get port name for a USB -serial adapter

We have an USB device working as a virtual com port. I would like to let my users get  this device to comunicating to this device without having to manually select a serial port.
how can I get/know the com port name/number and how can I know if the device is not connected?

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I will implement a solution.
Needs Setup API and probably Config Manager API.

Please contact me directly so i can send you the files later.
robert_marquardt att gmx dott de
There was a problem when ginsonic tried to reach me.
Tell here if you do not reach me.

The "COMx" device is only existant if the device is plugged.

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For all interested in this question:
I will rework my Config Manager API conversion and make it available in the near future.
It will then include some examples for matching COM ports and safe removal of USB sticks.
dygjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. My problem is solved.

Bjarte Dyngjeland
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