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I made the mistake in the past to create an FTP directory that was wide open at the top, with client permissions set on all the inside folders.  This kept all the material inside safe from hackers, but left open the permission for someone to create a directory in this folder, which then inherited the permissions from the top of open access.  The person tried to upload material but I caught them before it was done and cut off access.  

The problem is, the directory is blank so I cannot delete it.  The sub-directories below that are all jibberish characters.  

I have tried deleting through Windows and the DOS shell but cannot get rid of it.  Can anyone help?  Max Points here.  
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Havent tested this but, worth a try, from the command line:
RMDIR /S directoryname
deletes ALL files and folders in all sub directories.

BTW: gibberish folders you say, sounds like a attempt at hacking you ftp to get admin/root access.
You might want to check if there has been installed any backdoors/torjans on your computer.

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jzacherAuthor Commented:
there is nothing like that but I still cant get the directory off.  scans come back fine.
jzacherAuthor Commented:
cannot find solution
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