how to make a bootable CD support SATA, 1394, USB2.0, SCSI drives ??

Hi experts,

how to make a bootable CD support SATA, 1394, USB2.0, SCSI drives (of course included PATA and normal CD/DVD rom ) ??
I want to use it to run ghost in DOS mode to clone images with different devices !! any ideas ? Thank you !!

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Use the norton ghost boot wizard, create a floppy disk, then just use a burning software (nero or easy cd creator) then select bootable cd as your type and have it make the boot image from the floppy disk you created. Thats how I did it for the school I work for.
mmccyAuthor Commented:
However the latest version of ghost create a set of floppy disks (2 disks), how can I import two floppy disks in Nero for boot up ?

Thanks !
You could use winimage to create a 2.88MB image of a floppy (need to be a uncompressed image for it to work as a cdrom/floppy emulation image)

Load the first floppy in winimage, go to the image menu and choose change format. Select 2.88 MB.

Then you insert the files from floppy no.2 into the image. Save as a uncompressed floppy image file. In nero, in the boot tab, select this file as the image source. Enable expert features, choose 2.88MB emulation. (don't change any other options, unless you know what you are doing)

You might need to edit the autoexec.bat file to avoid promting for the next floppy, but I don't think thats necessary.

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I belive there is an option for Ghost Bootable CD in the wizard.
BTW: Winimage can be found at
Bart's network boot disk has an option to include files in it (I think its the "files" directory, but feel free to read the documentation :). You can get Barts here: There will of course be some config.sys modifications needed, and you'll need DOS drivers for those devices...
<quote> I belive there is an option for Ghost Bootable CD in the wizard. </quote>

Right, I've got Symantec ghost, and it has options for creating floppy with CD-rw&usb / CD-Rom / Network / ... support. The "CD-Rom" boot disk may also be used to create a bootable CD from.

Selecting 'CD-Rw' support adds Promise's ASPI drivers. These may come in handy, as they recognize quite some ATA & ATAPI devices.
I believe SATA drive recognition and steering is handled by the mainboard chipset, so you wouldn't need any more drivers. Makes sence too - if you go into a DOS prompt, you can still access the SATA drives.

I suggest you just make all the boot disks (network, usb, lpt, cd-rw, ....) and look what files & settings are different, then take the right drivers off the boot disks and add it to your CD.
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