Can I get a cisco 836's ISDN/ADSL interface to work on ADSL/POTS???

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to get a cisco 836's ADSL over ISDN interface(ATM0) to work over ADSL provided on analogue PSTN? Im based in the uk and unfortunatly we can't get ADSL over ISDN here. I need a router that has an ISDN BRI interface for tunnel backup. The next step up is a 1721 with WIC cards which is about £1000 extra than an 836!!!! :(.  I do have one to test with. When I plug the router into the ADSL filter the ATM just flashes and doesnt sync up. Unlike the 837 which works fine(But that doesnt have a BRI interface). I would have thought the ATM's would have been the same but maybe not?? Perhaps they work at a different frequency or something??

Do you experts know of an alternative? Or preferably of a way I can get this to work?

Thanks a lot for any help. 500 points for this one... :)

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kuro2ckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi mate,

           if you use the SDM this does give the option for backing up the adsl to a PSTN line.
needsyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you input kuro2ck. Here are the points.
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