request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE") weird problem

Every now and again, as an IT professional, you come across problems that defy all logical explanations, and make you ask yourself - "Is someone f***ing with me?"

Anyways, here is a problem I am facing as such:

In my asp page, request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE") is returning two separate cookie names, obviously causing me problems.  


it returns

and YES, that semicolon is part of the string.

In my code, this is all i am doing:

tmpTable1 = request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE")

and then i use tmpTable1 throughout the page.

Finest wines and cheeses to anyone who solves this!
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Brendt HessConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
Althoough it is not covered anywhere extensively, the HTTP_COOKIE value depends entirely on what the *browser* sends back.  This entry indicates to me that the browser PC has two active (or not deleted) session cookies related to the requestor site.

If you are doing this from a test PC, try clearing out all cookies in your browser, and try again.  You should only get one value back.
Just split the string on the semicolon.

tmpStr = request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE")
cookieArray = Split(tmpStr, ";")

You can then loop through the array to check for the one you want (in this case it will be item 1)

tmpTable1 = cookieArray(0)
TWBitAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I was going to resort to string manipulation if all else fails, but what I would like to know is why its returning 2 cookie values.  Any ideas?
TWBitAuthor Commented:
Yup, thats the ticket.  Thanks!
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