pst could not be accessed because another workstation has modified it.

Hello: Im desperate for a solution or at least an explanation.

Running Exchange 2000 in a Windows 2003 domain.
Recently deployed brand new machines are running XP (sp1 and/or sp2) and have Office 2003 installed.

All people's pst files are hosted on a remote server share. Since using Outlook 2003, users PST files seem to drop or get locked with the error: "<filename>.pst could not be accessed because another workstation has modified it."

This happens constantly to multiple users and requires multiple reboots to get the PSTs to finally open via outlook.

This is not a connectivity issue, its not a NIC issue on the local workstations. I dont believe its a GPO issue, I have recreated profiles, done PST repairs, started outlook with /cleanpst and /cleanprofile switches. Users also do NOT have Terminal Server sessions open when these errors occur.

Found same problem here with no resolution:

M$ says they do not support PSTs hosted on remote file shares so would not help me. We have always hosted PSTs on remote file shares and only until install of outlook 2k3 have users experienced this problem. So, I have to believe there is a solution or at least a REASON why this is happening.

One recommendation was to move the PSTs back to the local machines and use a GPO to redirect the files to a remote file share (a solution M$ may support.) Any info regarding pros/cons of this labor-intensive solution would also be appreciated.

ANY assistance is helpful. This problem is becoming epidemic among users. Thanks in advance.
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Only thing I can think of is the different formats of PST between 97-2002 to the one created in OL 2003.

Other thing is to update your office 2003 and get SP1..

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