Use IIS 6 WebDAV to connect to home directories?

I am setting up a lab WebDAV server using IIS 6.  I am able to access our DFS shares using the user's credentials, using the new "connect to share as authenticated user" feature.  Does anyone know of a way to allow users to view their home directories WITHOUT creating a viewable "Users" share?  For instance, our user directories reside on E:\Shares\Users\_username_.  Some people would share the "Users" subdirectory.  We set up individual shares directly to the users' folders.  The share names would be the User name followed by a "$" sign.  The share "Smith" would be mapped to "E:\Shares\Users\Smith$", and "Johnson" would be mapped to "E:\Shares\Users\Johnson$".  I realize that I will probably have to share the Users folder to get this to work, and remove the directory listing permission from the Users folder itself, to prevent getting a listing of all of the user folders.  It would be great if there were some sort of script or filter which would automatically route requests from http://webdavserver/myhome/ to the appropriate share or directory.

Have any of you worked up a similar solution?
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yes, ISAPI can help you with this.  If you have a visual studio, follow the create isapi wizard and read up on onUrlMap() function.

using that method, you can write your web code to point the user to some generic location (such as  http://webdavserver/myhome/) and translate that url in the filter into anything you want to.


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NashvilleGuitarPickerAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, I was hoping for something in VB, since my Windows C experience is lacking.  It does not appear that this is an option in VB 6.  Perhaps VB.NET lets me do things like this.  I did some more thinking, and at the very least, I should be able to write an ASP page that redirects to another page, forinstance,


might redirect user Smith to

 http://webdavserver/users/smith$/ (or whatever the proper encoding of $ is).

This would still require sharing the Users folder, but the more I think about it, the more "logical" this would be, since it would use definite paths.  This would let an administrator jump to other users' folders if neccessary.

Thanks for the pointers on ISAPI, though.  Does anyone have other solutions?  I will leave this one open for a little while to reel in some more ideas, and then assign points as appropriate.

you can write isapi using VB too.

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NashvilleGuitarPickerAuthor Commented:

When I was searching, I found many articles stating that you couldn't write ISAPI in VB.  Maybe it was for particular types of ISAPI filters.  I will have to look some more to find some VB/ISAPI resources.  I will leave this question open a little bit longer, and then dish out the points.
>>  I found many articles stating that you couldn't write ISAPI in VB.

you did?  Maybe I am mistaken.  I write only C++, so I wouldn't know for sure....

NashvilleGuitarPickerAuthor Commented:
I am closing htis question out.  Thanks for the pointers.  If anyone else has something to add, feel free.
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