FSO impersonation, ADODB.Stream or anything that will work

I am trying to grab an image using FSO and it is accross the network on another server. This is what i have thus far:

    Dim objFSO, objFile
    Const FILE_GRABBING = "\\TheServer\client_data\ClientFolder\pics\1560639_1.JPG"

    set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    If (objFSO.FileExists(FILE_GRABBING)) Then
            Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(FILE_GRABBING)
            Response.Write("2-Got It<br>")
            Response.Write("FILE_GRABBING = " & FILE_GRABBING & "<br>")
      Response.Write("FILE_GRABBING = " & FILE_GRABBING & "<br>")
      End If

   set objFSO = nothing

I know the image is there and i am it is not grabbing it. I need to use impersonation to get to the server i am grabbing the images from but i did not think that i needed to do that when using FSO.

How can i accomplish this using FSO and impersonation.
I also tried ADODB.Stream but i keep getting this error:

ADODB.Stream error '800a0bba'

File could not be opened.


I just need to get anything to work without using a 3rd party componant.

Any ideas from anyone.
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Are you on a domain?  If so, the web server will have to be loged in as an accound that can access the remote PC.  If you are not on a domain, you can try maping a drive to the remote server.  Then try opening the file using the mapped drive.

Is this IIS5 or IIS6?  If it is 6, then the mapped drive idea will not work. (i think you will have to tell IIS6 to allow the mapped drives.  It does not by default)

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LantraxAuthor Commented:
The website is on a server that is on the same network as the server which holds the images. The problem is when i try to get the images do display on the browser. I set up an account on the image server and can use impersonation to get into that acount to get the images through the network for the browser.

My problem is that i can't seem to get FSO to use impersonation nor can i get ADODB to use impersonation.

Do you know how to do either of these?
hmm. sorry. I do not.
use xml:

Set objHTTP = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
objHTTP.Open "GET", WebUrl, False
set objHTTP = nothing
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