CPU, Motherboard, or Distro? Please help...

I really need some sound advice here.
I am not a hardware expert, but not a novice either. I have built several DOZEN PC’s in the past few years. Not hundreds, but close to 40 most of them dual boot with SuSE.
Most of them for friends and family. You know… Free-Bees, they buy parts I put together.

My dilemma is that it has been about 9 months since my last build now, and I had to upgrade my system.
I wanted to try the new 64 bit architecture.

AMD 64 |3000+ ATHLON 64
512 PNY 2700 MEMORY

I have always used TYAN motherboards, but they have shifted to high und dual processor boards only.
I have never used ASUS. I have what is either a Motherboard or a CPU Issue.

I do not know which to return.

The board takes about 2 – 3 minutes to run through its POST  before it will load an OS.

Win XP works like a million bucks on the system (after the long POST)

But Linux is flakey as Windows 95!!! The DVD cannot read the SuSE 9.1 64 or 32 DVD.
I Bought and exchanged 3 different DVD’s now.
So I tried installing from the CD’s.

I have installed from the CD’s now 4 times with different results each time.
(I am not used to this… I have NEVER had issues with SuSE since version 6.4)

What is spooking me out is 3 times during installation I will have SuSE tell me  or warns me that I am installing a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit computer.

My latest install is my best, but it sucks… freezes up after 10 minutes of use.

Does this sound like a MB or CPU Issue. I’m thinking to exchange the MB for an MSI MB, but am for the first time unsure what to do.

Moving to Windows is not an option.

Thanks in advance…
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The fact that you can run XP on the hardware with no issue tells me that there is no problem with the hardware per se.   I'd be more inclined to check the BIOS settings, to ensure that you have everything set properly there.    I see frequently posts about ACPI problems, so you may want to turn that off in the kernel acpi=off apm=on.  Check LinuxJournal.com and LinuxMagazine.com for comments about their experiences with 64 bit motherboards.
Linux_HawkAuthor Commented:
I will try that, any other ideas???
I can highly recommend a different brand, if you're willing to return what you have. I built a very similar system to what you're describing, using this Gigabyte board:


Before I switched to that, I had the same freezing events you describe, but since then, absolutely no problems.

As an aside, I also run a very cool (no pun intended) Zalman processor fan/heat sync. Extremely quiet and helps keep things running cool in the case.

nfi & hth,

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