How to Access sybase.db on PC

I am attempting to access a database that I think was created with Sybase. The database resides as a ".db" file on a desktop PC. Simple question: how can I look at the data directly without using the custom client front-end?

Here's what I've done so far:

I've tried opening it with MS Access, thinking it might be a Paradox database. I got a collating sequence error so I tried changing the collating sequence key for Paradox from ascii to International. That didn't work.

I then opened the database with a text editor and saw the name of a company "WATCOM International". I did some searching on them and found that they use sybase for software development. So, I downloaded Sybase Central's free Developer's version from the Sybase website and tried using that to open the db. I got an error message that said something about the database needing the logon and password associated with the Windows environment. I also had to tell the Sybase Central program about ports and other stuff I don't know too much about.

I can keep muddying through this until I hit on the right answer but would sure appreciate some insight. I just want to open the db, and, if possible, use the data in Excel. If necessary, I can email a sample of the db I'm attempting to open to anyone.
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In Sybase Central, you have different options to connect to DB. You should use lower part of database panel. You can either write the path or use browse button. In Login panel, try "DBA" as user name and "SQL" as password. They are default values. If they don't work, you need to find out the actual password or a valid user name.

Good luck
You cannot use Sybase Central by itself.  It is simply a tool that runs against the various Sybase database engines including Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) (formerly WATCOM SQL then SQL Anywhere), Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), and Adaptive Server IQ (ASIQ).

You need to download and install the developers edition of ASA before you can do anything.  Even at that, it is very likely that the version of the .DB file you have is older (perhpas several releases) than the latest release on the web site.

This file did not materialize out of thin air.  Go back and look at the system where you found the file and see if the database  engine is not installed there.

Good luck
ashrefcpDB ManagerCommented:
It looks like you are using ASA, which uses *.db as file extension for the database files.
1- If you dont have the ASA installed on your machine try to install it.
2- start the ASA Engine: dbeng9 -n mysrv <fullpath>/myfile.db
3- Now, create an ODBC dsn by just specifying the a)servername & b)dbname dont forget to give DBA/SQL as username password
4- Use any ODBC connection supported prgram like MSACCESS or use dbisql to connect to this server. You may also use SybaseCentral to connect by providing the mentioned connection parameters.
5- Now you should be above to see the contents of the database.

Try this and update.



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