What SCSI Card do I need for the HP DLT VS80 Tape backup drive??

I have just purchased the HP DLT VS80 external tape backup drive but now need to purchase a SCSI card for my machine. The instructions recommend that I need to have a LVD/SE SCSI host adapter. However the ones I have looked at do not have the correct connection for my SCSI lead as they accept pins rather than the connection I have on my cable that came with the product.

Can anybody suggest a card that will do the job.

Many thanks

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The  HP DLT VS80 external tape backup drive uses a 68 pin connector when compared to the 50 pin connector used by earlier model.

HP itself has a SCSI card to support this drive. Please have a look at the following website:


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Can you describe what connection you need? Shape (trapezoid? Parallellogram?), size (cm/in), male/female, nr of pins, .... ?
Normally you use the A5149A, It's a Single Port Ultra2 LVD/SE SCSI card

This card has a 68 pin VHDCI connector and the DLT itself has an 68 pin HD connector

You should use one of the following cables
1,0m  product number=C2361B / part number=5183-2674
2,5m  product number=C2362B / part number=5183-2675

And terminate the DLT with 68-Pin HighDensity LVD/SE ThumbScrews -> part number 5183-2657
Craig4Author Commented:
Got it sorted many thanks for your help

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