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Good Day,

I get an access denied on a folder. I am a member of the Domain Admins and the Domain Admins have Full Control on that specific Folder. I would need access to this folder since i must run a script on it.
I can access that folder and all of its subfolders when i map a network drive to it from my Workstation but I cannot  access the folder in question when i log onto the server using Terminal Services.

Can someone please help me,

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Hi there.

If you're logging in with your normal user account, and your normal user account is not listed in the NTFS permissions dialog box for that directory, your account might be restricted. By the same token, if you are a member of a local security group, say "OfficeUsers," and OfficeUsers does not have access to that directory, you might also be denied. Try logging in as an Admin and adding either your user account or user group to the folder's NTFS permissions. Then try accessing the folder.

Does that solve the issue?

Good luck!
I have not overly familiar with terminal services, but when you log in with terminal services, even though /you specifically are logging in to the server, your rights may be due to some sort of terminal services security group or remote desktop security group. Try looking for those groups and giving them privleges on your folder.
Tacobell2000Author Commented:

Thanks for the reply! There are no such groups in my AD domain.
Glad that helped out. Thanks for the answer/grade.

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