Need to write a GoalSeek function in C#


I am in the process of moving over an Excel spreasheet with macros in it to a web application.  All is well, except for this one cell which contains within it a GOALSEEK function. I have no idea what the algorithm is to replicate this function, or if I can import some DLL to simply access it... Help!

Thanks in advance,


Range("E31").GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Range("D31")
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The Goalseek function takes an input parameter and a target ouput, and will change a variable so that using a specific mathematical aloghritm, the target output is reached, and will return the value of the changing variable. (what a lousy sentence :)

If you'll always do the same mathematical aloghritm, for example finding the correct rate for a monthly payment, you might want to write that function yourself? Depending on how complex it is, it might be easier then importing Excel functions (I have no idea how that works).



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anoukmercierAuthor Commented:
You're right... I was hoping for some sort of magic formula, I guess, but I finally rolled up my sleeves to try and figure out what the heck was happening in the background, and once I figured out what that function did, I was able to replicate some code (had to create a while loop to iterate through the target value, and re-calculate all functions).


Glad you figured it out :)
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