Mixing 2 or more wav files

I'm trying to mix together 2 or more 8bit wave files to give me an output of 1 file with both sounds in that out file.  I've come across some information but don't quite understand it.. here is the link... http://www.vttoth.com/digimix.htm.  The information here is what I need.  Can some of you experts make sense of this? Thank You!
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jhshuklaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> silence is the value 128, and actual amplitude values can go up (129-255) or down (127-0)
he is not talking about amplitude. he is talking about displacement. so your amplitude is now 7-bit instead of 8-bit. you can apply the same formula (Z = A + B - A·B/256) but with slight modification.
you have |Z-128| = |A-128| + |B-128| - |A-128|·|B-128|/128
and sign(Z-128) = (A+B)/2 >= 128 ? + : -
windows_programingAuthor Commented:
Thanks  jhshukla,  

One last thing what is . (Dot)  I'm not too good at math :)
Dot = multiplication
windows_programingAuthor Commented:
Thanks !!
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