Com AddIn not staying checked

I've got a COM addin that I'm trying to get installed in Outlook 2003 SP1 (recently upgraded, but had the same behavior in a previous version - I thought the upgrade would help).  I'm connecting to Exchange Small Business Server 2003.  The AddIn is listed, but when I check it and close Outlook and re-open, it's unchecked.  I'm logging in as Administrator.  Don't know where else to go.  (As with everything I do, it's urgent.)  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (as you can deduce by the point value).
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1.rst : ..looks like an uncomplete shutdown of outlook.
if outlook doesn't stop completely - a intended restart will be a start of a second instance !

and add-ins are only loaded once : in the first instance.

check the taskmanager if outlook is really off.
if not kill it and restart outlook and have alook where your add-in is.

2.nd : scenario if outlook encounted errors the LoadBehavior Value in the registry are set back to "2".
manually reset to "3" means it will come up again....
Does it happen to any user outlook connected to that exchange server ?

Have you tried to create a new profile in outlook going to control panel > mail > show profiles and use that profile and check if the same behavior occurs .

Is your exchange server fully updated ?

bjones8888PresidentAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's for any user connected.  I haven't tried creating a new profile, and yes, there are updates available.  I'll try creating a new profile after installing the updates.
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2.nd : scenario
The LoadBehavior Key you can find in

if its really reset to "2" than there is a problem in the add-in...swallowed/loaded - spit out again
i had this building my own add-in

Don't forget to press F5 for View refresh after test-starts...
bjones8888PresidentAuthor Commented:
This (error in dll) was causing it not to load.  Thanks!  All is now working as expected.
...good feeling that the frustrating circeling from start to restart over hours & hours testing / is giving at last that positive feedback......
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