Explorer, Fetch, and Quicken interoperability problem

My friend is running Mac OS X 10.2.8. She is using Internet Explorer 5.2.3 with Fetch 4.0.3. For whatever reason, Explorer continues to crash and when she tries to update her website using fetch it just goes to the root directory then crashes as well. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas as to what is causing this? Quicken also does not load.

 When she created a new user at the root level she could open Quicken.

*Update #2*
Eudora is crashing now

*Note, I'm a humble windows user so you have to take things slow with me.
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Your friend can do a maintenance first.  Most of the time it can solved out 'crashing' problem.

- Boot using OSX Install or OSX Restore Disc.  From the top menu bar, select Disc Utility.  Do Repair Volume and Repair Permission several time (at least more than 1 time).

- Use Cocktail (http://www.macosxcocktail.com/) to clean up OSX's cache.

- Do not use Explorer.  A lot of ppl's fav is Safari.  Personally, I use either Camino or FireFox (both Mozilla based).

- OSX has a build in ftp feature.  From Finder menu -> Go -> Connect to server, and type in 'ftp://<domain name>' or 'ftp://<ipaddress>'.  It will ask you for login and password, and if authorised will mount the FTP as a network volume.

- Can she create another user with Administrator previlege? Do IE, Fetch, and Eudora crashed from the new user?

- What is the nature of the crash?  The application just quit? Kernel panic?

Let us know how it goes.

Good luck.
James LooneySr. Programmer/AnalystCommented:
I have had this problem and what idarmadi suggest is your best bet. Use a tool like sterMachine http://homepage.mac.com/jaanone/sterapps.html to run some maintenance.

I have used it on several office machines and it is a nice little app.
I would try this order:

1. Run the Periodic script (sterMachine can do it, or go to the Terminal and type sudo periodic daily weekly monthly)
2. Clean temp files (sterMachine does a good job. Clean out the caches, temp files, log files, etc)
3. Repair Disk Permissions (Disk utility found in /Applications/Utilities)
4. Fix the prebinding. (sterMachine can do this one for you)

then reboot and see if that helps.
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