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Every morning when I reboot my computer and check my email, my pop server has changed in my email program. When I change it back it works fine. ( I am using outlook express)

I have run McAfee Virus Scan and found no problems. I also have AdAware and have run that. Further, I have McAfeee Guardian installed. I am running a cable modem on a router.
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What is the incoming mail server being changed to?
Does the Account Name change, too?

Antivirus programs can make changes to your email settings in order to run your incoming mail through their program to be scanned.  If the incoming mail server is changing to or just something like pop3, I suspect this is what is happening.  You can temporarily turn-off your email virus protection, change the incoming mail server to the proper server name, reboot, and check it.

You mean incoming mail server info is getting changed, is it ?

Make sure your OE is fully updated ..

Make sure to delete that email account and create again and see if that helps .

If the above doesnot help , create a new identity in OE and check the same in there

Post back

Agree with CBoze..

What Antivirus you have..
POP3 Scan feature of the Trend PC-cillin software is capable of doing this. If you have this Anti-virus , disable the POP3 scan feature and check
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