Combining MPG and MP2

I have a tool that splits video and audio.  They are in the mpg and mp2 format now.

How do I combined them into a format that I can burn to DVD?

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mp2 is the correct format for DVD.

you need to get that mpg file into mp2.  

check out

they offer tmpgenc for free 30 days, you can convert to mp2.  

finding free software to do this is sparse and  / or unreliable or tedious.   After you get it to mp2, you need to burn the DVD, and that requires software that will author it as VOB files and all the extras.  

Check out tmpgenc dvd author, you can use that as a trial too.  these are pretty affordable.

if you go to you can find a lot of the other tutorials and programs to convert to and from all formats.

rambleAuthor Commented:

The solution that I came up with was with ULEAD software.

1.  You open up your mpg file (video)
2.  You click "add" to add your mp2 file (audio)
3.  Open you mp2 file
4.  Save the combined compilation
5.  Then burn it to DVD...or whatever.

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