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I have client that is using outlook and has a pop3 account, i have set up outlook to remeber passwords, but everytime she pushes send and receive it keeps asking her for a password, is this bug from outlook xp?
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is that outlook fully updated.. You should be having Sp3 which is the latest update/SP..

What OS is this ?

Check this

OL2002: The Save Password Setting Is Not Saved When You Connect to a POP3 Server;en-us;290684

Windows Prompts You for Your Password Multiple Times When You Use Outlook If Strong Private Key Protection Is Set to High;en-us;821574&Product=ol2002

When you initially setup your POP3 account through Outlook XP, it asks you for your username and password.  Right under these text boxes is a checkbox marked 'Remember Password."  This needs to be checked to keep it from asking for a password all the time.

When the account is already setup, go to Tools > Email Accounts, go to View or change existing email accounts, highlight the account they are using, and click on the change button.  You should be able to check the "Remember Password" checkbox in here.

Hope this helped!
Karen FalandaysConnect With a Mentor Training SpecialistCommented:
In addition, sometimes the ISP is having issues...
comteknAuthor Commented:
I tried the fixes but could not fine those registry hives, I ended up upgrading to outlook 2003 and that solved the problem. Thanx for the quick responses.
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