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IBM Netfininty 5500 not booting up

Hello all - I have a Raid going on this very old server with windows 2000.  I installed a new printer drive - HPLJ 2550 PCL6 onto it and then rebooted the server.  Now I don't even get a POST on it.  Device configuration problem.  I keep getting a drawing of a floppy drive and a diskette asking me to select F1.  I have been able to get into the SurePath setup and can't see the Raid controller anywhere.  Do you think this could:

1) CMOS battery
2) Raid controller problem
3) Bad drive

Thanks!  Any help is appreciated.
1 Solution
The picture of the floppy drive is likely due to the fact that something happened to the hard drive and its looking for an alternate source to boot from (the floppy drive). you indicated that the raid controller isn't showing up anymore...that supports that theory. I know it's silly, but make sure you don't have any disks in the floppy drive, first of all. Secondly, try re-seating the RAID controller.
Go into the BIOS and make sure its set to boot accordingly. Try to get into the RAID bios and see if you can view the array.
ahillmanAuthor Commented:
Nothing in the floppy drive. :)  Always good to double check!  I can't seem to get into any bios accept the SurePath Bios that communicates btw. the hardware and the OS.  Shows boot order of CDROM - Hard Drive 0  - Floppy and then Network.  Master is set to CDROM.
ahillmanAuthor Commented:
At first I also had an error of boot up password being invalid all of a sudden - reset it to blank and that went away - I was also getting a 162 Configuration Error which is gone now too.

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You might want to consider resetting the CMOS. You can do this by either trying to find the jumper on the mothboard for the CMOS and move it over one position to clear it or you can take out the battery for about 10 minutes. When you restart, it should hopefully be reset and let you get farther into the boot process.
You had to reset the password?  Huh.  Just how old IS this server?  :)
You might want to consider that the BIOS battery, or the RAID card battery is failing.  I would guess the motherboard battery since the password got wiped.  Probably a CR-2032 battery, they sell them everywhere.

Just a thought!
ahillmanAuthor Commented:
Well - i figured it out.  All good trys but it turns out that 1 - the raid had lost its configuration so I told it what it was again by hitting F5 selection on the fail screen.  This reconfigured the raid - then I would get to the windows start up and it just reboots!  At about 6:30 last night found out that the HP printer driver for an HPLJ2550 was stuck in the run and wouldn't get past that point.  Here is a big no no which of course I have learned the hard way.  When installing a printer on a Windows 2000 SERVER dont use the HP drivers from the cd that comes with it - they only work with Windows 2000.  Go figure.  You would think this would be in big red lettering - but apparently this is what has been causing my headache.  I have a tech coming in who has an expensive piece of software that will hopefully remove this from the run.

thanks you two for your suggestions!  :)
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