javax.jms.JMSException: MQJMS2007: failed to send message to MQ queue

Weblogic 8.1 Mq 5.3 using MQ configured as a foriegn JMS provider
javax.jms.JMSException: MQJMS2007: failed to send message to MQ queue
while deploying ear file.

Has anybody faced this error?
Is it due to the volume/size of the message to mq queue?
Any solution to this problem?
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I have simulated the same with sample program. Intially I tried to send 10000 objects and it works fine. Then I tried to add 1 million String objects to vector and send the objectMessage and got the same exception.
The solution to this problem as follows
1) use the runmqsc utility to alter the MAXMSGL parameter of all of the appropriate objects like QMGR, QLOCAL etc.

I have increased the MAXMSGL praramter size to 200000000 in the Qmanager and in the queue

2) increase the max message size in channel definition.
Created one server channel with MAXMSGL as 200000000 and attached the server channel to the connection queue factory.

Follow the above two steps then the problem will be solved.

protege_gAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.How are you so sure that it is the message size?
It could also be transaction related!
Bit of  background:
In my ejb-jar.xml I have <trans-attribute>NotSupported</trans-attribute>.The connection factory to MQ setting is probably also is non XA.If I change to <trans-attribute>Required</trans-attribute> ,I get an error saying MDB cannot communicate with XA resource(i.eJMS Provider).So currently in ejb-jar.xml I have <trans-ttribute>NotSupported</trans-attribute>.
This helped me deploy my ejb jar file and war file.During deployment ,it does create a huge message and seems to be
a possible reason for the above mentioned MQJMS error.There were messages created and sent before this happend.

Our MQ administrator has to effect the changes you suggested.So could not confirm your solution yet.

Given this scenerio,would you still say it is the message size?

protege_gAuthor Commented:
I increased the message lenght size everywhere per your suggestion and also reduced the data load
and this did this solve the problem
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