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 I'm going to start building my first new system. I don't have all the money right now, so the plan is to buy the parts as the paychecks come in. My question is, what would be the best order to purchase my parts in? I need everything except a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and a video card. Everything else is going to be new on this computer. Also any suggestions on specific parts that work well together and what would be best to spend more money on than other parts. I'd like this to be a moderate level gaming machine. Thanks
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Prices of everything come down over time.  It's tough for me to make such recommendations.  I suppose, get the CASE first.  Then pick a motherboard.  Because the components the motherboard has will partly dictate what else you need (Networking, Hard Drive Type (SATA or ATA), Sound, RAM type, CPU, etc).
I'd probably pickup my CPU last - either that or the RAM.  CPU will probably be the most expensive component.  Hard drives can be had for $50-$300 depending on size, performance, etc.  CD/DVD Reader/Burner(s) probably should come pretty early too - though if you wait a little longer, you can get a really good price on a dual layer DVD Burner.  (I think they go for between $130-$250 right now, depending where you look).

And that's another thing - I'll assume you're in the USA - so, I'd look at two places: and - newegg is a vendor that lists on price watch and generally has a VERY good reputation for price and service.  Price watch is a tracking web site for components sold from a variety of "mom-and-pop" type web sites selling hardware (and a few bigger places).  You'll find the best prices there, but be wary and check the vendor at as I've bought stuff from companies listed at pricewatch and while I've never been stiffed or shipped the wrong items, I have had difficulty getting my order in a timely fashion.

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Just a second thing to keep in mind.  This actually happened to a friend of mine.  If your planning on purchasing a bit at a time, don't waist to much time between purchases.  My friend started off purchasing a motherboard, and by the time he got around to getting the rest of the parts, he couldnt get a processor that would work in his new board. (it was not obsolete)

Another site to add on top of the ones suggested by leew, could be or (of course depending on your location)  You can usually get a good deal on a bare bones system which includes case, PSU, MB, CD, and Floppy
MexicanHeatAuthor Commented:
Okay, well it should all be purchased and built in a period of about a month, so im not too concerned with the pieces becoming outdated, what i would like to do though is up the points a little and see if someone can go through this list of pieces ive compiled and make sure that it is all compatible.

Case/PSU/Fans: $101

MotherBoard: $56


Hard Drive:


DVD/CD Burner:

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Are you sure that motherboard will handle SATA hard drives?  If not you will need a SATA hard drive controller card.

Hope this helps.
Perhaps look at something like this to get you started.

This one supports serial ATA.
MexicanHeatAuthor Commented:
Well truthfully i wasnt really concerned about what kind of hard drive i had in the system. What kind is compatible with the motherboard i had chosen? And whats the difference in the types? This whole thing is a learning ordeal for me and i just want to make sure i get the most out of it and build a system that would be ugradeable in the future. I had kind of ruled out the idea of a barebones kit in the beginning, just because i wanted to choose all the parts myself and kind of make it my own. Thanks for your help so far guys.
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