Infected with W32.Sasser.B.Worm..PLSSSSS HELP


My computer is infected with the Sasser.B Worm.
When infected the computer slows down...Moving from application to application is slow..
Boot and Logins are painfully slow.

*** I ran the Symantec Fix tool a couple of times in the last week [yes i  turned off the System Restore]. But after a complete run it came out saying no infected files found.
***I ran the Norton AV also and it completed with "NO VIRUS FOUND" results

 After these scans my computer doesnt hang.

Then again  in a couple of starts infecting and spreads from a few files to 1000s in minutes.

It seems like The Sasser Hides when the Tool runs"...

I guess the Virus is bound in some "temp" folders.

 I regularly empty the Temp Internet Folders whenever I Log off.
Can i delete the contents of all the possible temp folders on my mahcine. as in C:\Windows\Temp etc.

Please help...

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Hello Jzzzz =)

Follow the Full Instructions given here,

What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm and Its Variants:

Apply MS Security Bulletin:

Use One of the Following Removal Tools to Delete the Virus:
1) Sasser (A-F) Worm Removal Tool (KB841720) >>

2) FxSasser.exe.from Symantec >>

3) Stinger from McAfee >>

4) SysClean PACKAGE from TrendMicro >>

5) SASSGUI\SASSSFX from Sophos >>

6) ClnSasser from Computer Associates >>

7) F-Sasser from F-Secure >>

8) SasserFix2 from Norman >>

9) QuickRemover from Panda >>
NOTE: plzz see the Relevant Sites for FULL Instructions on Removal in the First Link Before using the Tools
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm
Protect Your Employees from Wi-Fi Threats

As Wi-Fi growth and popularity continues to climb, not everyone understands the risks that come with connecting to public Wi-Fi or even offering Wi-Fi to employees, visitors and guests. Download the resource kit to make sure your safe wherever business takes you!

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Scary, Shehar.... again was alone here and just about to post all of those, luckily I hit refresh first. LOL
>> Can i delete the contents of all the possible temp folders on my mahcine

Yes, there are two temps folder which u shud clean and delete all the contents present there,
one is C:\Windows\TEMP folder, and other is hidden one, i.e C:\Documents and Settings\ur usernmae\Local Settings\Temp
adn delete all ur temp internet files also of IE !!

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Depending on your Operating System type; if applicable, be sure to turn off System Restore first; then when clean after reboots, turn back on.
lol Asta 8-)
JzzzzAuthor Commented:
such quick posts...
thanks guysss....

Helooo Saahill :) the rescue again...

I will fight the virus and i'LL be back.

thanks again..
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
sure, and dont forget to remove all the internet connections and modems from ur system,,, and then run those tools and delete the files in safemode !!
U have this working system form where u are typing, Just download the tools from here and transfer to ur system, dont connect ur system with internet at this stage !! :)
JzzzzAuthor Commented:

Oh!!. I know what could have happened. I might not have  turned off the system restore (I have XP) when I  ran the SymantecFix/ NAV and the Virus got backed up by the Sys Restore.

Now, I ran all the possible tools. Its clean now I guess.

 I got to read about and All about CRAZYONE from the link in your profile .
I read throught almost all the posts(atleast a 100) and it was really overwhelming.

I would like to quote  FatalException ....

" I cannot think of any other profession or field of business that brings so many people together so tightly.  
A community that shares it's expertise, it's troubles, and usually ends up taking care of it's own.  
Without a doubt, this is the finest bunch of professionals  and above all "HUMAN BEINGS"  "

I have just been asking questions So far and getting my answers and thinking i was smart to find the answers. I guess Its time i started answering too, from watever very little I know..

I am proud of  E __ E
Cya Around guys.....

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Yep, System Restore is definitely a major player here, happy it helped you resolve this.

AND, I sure agree with you.  This is a most excellent site.  The teamwork we have is wonderful, the people just great.  And the whole issue of our friend Spence (CrazyOne) is a very intense one.  

I'm very pleased with all that goes on here, and not only find great friends, but am also often helped.  While helping others as best I can, I also am taught many things.

":0) Asta
good new Jzzzz..... glad u finally got it solved :)
Cheers ^_^
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