Unable to FTP a file to main frame

Hi ,
iam trying to FTP a file to main frame. It is giving me the following error.

 550-SVC99 Return code=4 S99INFO=0 S99ERROR=38668 HEX=970C S99ERSN code
X'000042CE'). Unable to create data set HELLO.PRPS.FPRSV36H.REPO
RT for STOR command.
Can any one tell me what the problem is and what the correct code is.

Any furthur comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance
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FTP to mainframes often _requires_ that the mainframe dataset name be enclosed properly in quotes. (I have no idea why; that's just the way it is.)

Please post an exact copy of the PUT subcommand you are using. I _might_ be able to remember how it should be.

You might be able to ask the remote mainframe administrator what the correct syntax is. If you tell him you need to know how to use quotes to surround the dataset name, he'll probably know what you mean -- they very often have had this question asked of them before and already have an answer.

It looks like an Mainframe authority issue. Try:

1) Get the mainframe DBA to create the file, then try to apped to the file.

2) If you have access to the mainframe, FTP to the 400 and use the Get command.

3) Get the mainfame administrator to log on with a high security password.

pradeepyAuthor Commented:
Hi  tliotta,
        I have enclosed the DSN with in single quotes and it worked. Thank You very much.
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