IE6 causes error in kernel32.dll

I searched this site for an answer and have tried many solutions and none have solved my problem as of yet. I get ...Microsoft Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Further details are...APPNAME:IEXPLOER.EXE  APPVER:6.0.2800.1106
MODNAME:KERNEL32.DLL  MODVER: OFFSET:0003f5b3. I get this error
when trying to access the Microsoft upgrade site by going to upgrade under IE. I am able to access sites like yahoo and cnn without errors. I have run housecall.trendmicro scan along with a Norton scan and no viruses were found. I also ran Adaware and spybot and a few TRACKING items were found and removed. I also ran Hijackthis and did not show anything out of the ordinary. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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See if this helps:

Add/Remove Programs, highlight Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Add/Remove button, select Repair and click Next and OK. Reboot when asked to.

mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
I have done that twice so far and it has not helped. I also saw a fix on this site where it said to edit the registry and  restore
IE. That has not worked either. I have reloaded ME twice as well.  Thanks for the reply though.
         >>    APPNAME:IEXPLOER.EXE APPVER:6.0.2800.1106  <<

Your problem could still be a virus!   You may like to take a look at the link below which refers to this error. Scroll down
to see under the 8th item and the comment  "It is possible that a third party spyware may have been installed on your computer".  

Then you could try >> 

Also see the six other MSKB articles.
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Had another look at the problem and if you still have an issue, you could consider your statement
              >  Microsoft IE has encountered a problem and needs to close <   

You could look under the sub-headings 'Workaround' in each of the appropriate six MSKB articles above, to
find your solution.
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
Here is what I have done today...I did go to the 5star site and tried several fixes.
I have another computer that is a twin to this one so I removed the hard drive
and installed in that one and the problem followed the drive. So now I know
it has to be software and not hardware. I also installed the drive on a known
clean computer as a slave drive and scanned for viruses, adware and spyware.
No viruses were found but I did find a few more tracking cookies. Installed drive
back in the system and the problem still exists. Workarounds as suggested in a few
MSKB articles did not fix the problem. I did discover that when I try and get into
system information to do a system file scan, I also get a KERNEL32.DLL error.
I have extracted several dll files that were suggested in several articles and yes
the problem still exists. So, what I have decided to do is miiror this drive with another
one so I have the customers data backed up and format and start from scratch.
Thanks for the suggestions.

         >>  Kernel32.dll Error <<  Messages.                            

Several conditions can cause a  Kernel32.DLL error, and the fastest troubleshooting route is said to be this six stage
checklist, shown here in brief.    (credit to Richard G Harper).
     Bad memory modules (RAM)
     Bad video drivers
     CPU, bus speed or multiplier over clocking
     Faulty or dirty cooling fans on your CPU or power supply
     Graphic Acceleration is set too high
     Animated mouse cursors, mouse trails, and active Desktop
The above suggestion was just a thought, and i guess a Format has to be the most reliable & thorough method!
But you may well have to return to checkout some of the components above, if you're still in trouble.  If you think we
can help further, please report back.   Thanks.
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
By installing the drive in another system that works great with the exact same hardware and installing the drive with
the problem and the problem follows the drive meaning I have the exact error on the other system that works great
with its own drive. This should rule out hardware.  
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
I talked to three reps so far from Microsoft and they are stumped as well. In the interest of saving time , I think a format is
the best way to go as well. I will post a message when the drive is reloaded and tell you how it went.
OK, thank you.    Be interesting to hear the result.
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
Almost forgot to post the result...I wiped the drive...reloaded os, drivers, and applications. Updated windows files and all is well. the system is back to like
new condition.
Thanks for the feedback, glad you've fixed it!  However, as you have solved the problem yourself you may like to
ask for a refund, posting a 0 points question here, with a link to the above question:
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
As I have payed the $99 fee. I should have unlimited points to use.
Is this correct?
That is correct!    
With Premium Services you get unlimited points.  Your total never reduces, just increases by five points a day!  
For full details see here under "Is Experts Exchange really free?":

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Well, thank you.     That's two thirds of my required monthly 'QM points'   :)         Good luck mheinemeyer!
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