Netbios Suffix problem

I have a strange entry in nbtstat -n.

"insert-computer-name"    <2D>    UNIQUE     REGISTERED

My question is, what is the usage of the 2D suffix? Ive never seen this one before and it might shed some light on a problem we have been having lately.
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Do you have any linux or unix hosts on your network? They give false suffixes sometimes with netbios. What is the issue you are having?
And this is 2D and not 20, right?
xtremeadminAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is a "2D" and not a "20".

The computer name this entry describes is the name of a windows workstation. Specifically, it WAS the name of a workstation before it was renamed a few days ago. We are kind of curious as to why this old name would still be appearing in the local name table after the machine had beeen renamed. I thought that finding out what the "2D" meant would shed some light on this.
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OK, just making sure
does this still show up if you do nbtstat -RR since the name has been changed?
I'll see if I can find anything on <2D>
xtremeadminAuthor Commented:
Yes we have purged the local workstation as well as deleted the old entries from WINS but the 2D entry still appears on the local machine with the old machine name.
I can't find anything.
On the local machine, try locating any NON standard services running and stop them one at a time and running the -RR then -n. Maybe when one get's killed it will cease and you'll know what service. The usuals, as you know, like messenger etc, are not 2D, so there must be some service that is registering itself.

Very interesting
Here is a list of MS's common ones, so stopping any of these won't be needed.

Name                  Number            Type            Usage
[computername]      00            U            Workstation Service
[computername]      01            U            Messenger Service
[\\_MSBROWSE_]      01            G            Master Browser
[computername]      03            U            Messenger Service
[computername]      06            U            RAS Server Service
[computername]      1F            U            NetDDE Service
[computername]      20            U            File Server Service
[computername]      21            U            RAS Client Service
[computername]      22            U            Exchange Interchange
[computername]      23            U            Exchange Store
[computername]      24            U            Exchange Directory
[computername]      30            U            Modem Sharing Server Service
[computername]      31            U            Modem Sharing Client Service
[computername]      43            U            SMS Client Remote Control
[computername]      44            U            SMS Admin Remote Control Tool
[computername]      45            U            SMS Client Remote Chat
[computername]      46            U            SMS Client Remote Transfer
[computername]      4C            U            DEC Pathworks TCPIP Service
[computername]      52            U            DEC Pathworks TCPIP Service
[computername]      87            U            Exchange MTA
[computername]      6A            U            Exchange IMC
[computername]      BE            U            Network Monitor Agent
[computername]      BF            U            Network Monitor Apps
[username]            03            U            Messenger Service
[domain]            00            G            Domain Name
[domain]            1B            U            Domain Master Browser
[domain]            1C            G            Domain Controllers
[domain]            1D            U             Master Browser
[domain]            1E            G            Browser Service Elections
[Net~Services]      1C            G            Internet Information Server
[S~Computer_name]00            U            Internet Information Server
[computername]      [2B]            U            Lotus Notes Server
IRISMULTICAST      [2F]            G            Lotus Notes
IRISNAMESERVER      [33]            G            Lotus Notes
Forte_$ND800ZA      [20]            U            DCA Irmalan Gateway Service

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xtremeadminAuthor Commented:
If anyone was interested, it turned out to be the "Symantec Ghost Configuration Server." Thanks for the lead TannerMan.
Outstanding !!!
Just glad it worked out buddy.
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