someone took over my desktop

I was surfing the web when sudenly internet eplorer closed.  abd my desktop backgroud was replaced by this weird wall paper.  when I right click on it and go to proprties I get a window that says protocol file not found. type html document. connection not encrypted. adress file://c:winnt\web\desktop.html I already tried logging on safe mode and running spy bot ad-adware hijackthis.exe sccaned the disck with a antivirus.  the server did have tons of adware but I cleaned it all.  the wallpaper has this at the bottom removal instructions, when you click on it it opens internet explorer and takes you to
Http:// is a website trying to sell you a adware porggram of some sort. pllllleeeaaaseeee help.
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After that run ur tools on safemode for one more time to make sure all is gone and its clean now :)
Hello archer666 =)

Try Disabling Active Desktop >>
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