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Stuck with make again.

accountsDB: accountsDB.exe
      gcc -o accountsDB accountsDB.exe
accountsDB.exe: accountsDB.c account.h
      gcc -c accountsDB.c
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b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
When I compile the make file I get some errors.
Whats wrong?
b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
cc     accountsDB.c   -o accountsDB
process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cc accountsDB.c -o accountsDB, ...) failed.
make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
make: *** [accountsDB] Error 2

Errors generated when type "make accountsDB". I am doing it on a dos system .
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
if you are working in a DOS environment, I suggest you to use shorter names like accdb.c and accdb.h
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Hi b_vishwajit,

As I can see you make file is trying to compile a file named accountsDB.exe which does not seem to be a C or C++ source files. Can you elaborate more on this? I think it should be accountsDB.o or accountsDB.lib something which should be an object file created from the command 'gcc -c accountsDB.c'

Hope this helps.

accountsDB.exe: accountsDB.c account.h
    gcc -c accountsDB.c

By default, the output of the compilation of a .c file is a .o file, not a .exe file.
I think your makefile wants to look like this:

accountsDB: accountsDB.o
    gcc -o accountsDB accountsDB.o

accountsDB.o: accountsDB.c account.h
    gcc -c accountsDB.c

Or for something so trivial:

accountsDB: accountsDB.c account.h
    gcc -o accountsDB accountsDB.c
Your Dependencies are somehow wrong

I am not sure about the gcc flags but you need something like this.

account.exe: account.obj
  gcc -v accountsDB.c
account.obj: accountsDB.c account.h
  gcc -c accountsDB.c

You can read this like this.
account.exe depends on account.obj. So if account.obj exists oris out of Date, create a new one using a given rule.
account.obj depends on accountsDB.c and account.h. Same thing as Mentioned above. If make cannot find the Header or source file it will terminate with an error.

b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
I am compiling my program on solaris system and I get this error:
/tmp/ccDOMOM3.o: In function `procInput':
/tmp/ccDOMOM3.o(.text+0x4cf): undefined reference to `strrev'

actualy within procInput I am using strrev(str); to reverse a string and I have inlcuded <string.h>
Why am gettting that error?On dos I have no problems. So weird!!!!!!!!!!!!
b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
line of code that has strrev is:
where balance is a string.
b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
I have to resovle this issue. strrev is not available on unix systems. What the heck? What am I supposed to do now? Should I right my own reverse string function?
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
A simple strrev() implementation.

char* strrev (char *str)
        char *left = str;
        char *right = str + strlen(string) -1;
        char ch;

       while (left < right)
                ch = *left;
                *left++ = *right;
                *right-- = ch;

b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
jaime I knew how to write a simple reverse string function. I did what I was supposed to do before seeing your post. But anyway now I am back to makefile.
b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
Ok . My makefile looks like:
hw3op:  hw3.c
        gcc -o hw3op hw3.o
hw3.o: hw3.c hw3.h
        gcc -c hw3.c

and I am saving it as makefile.txt.
when i type make it says no targets.
But make hw3op works since it is the first target in my make file and I end up with hw3op is uptodate when make ends.But by default make is supposed to compile  the first target in the makefile? is'nt it?
> and I am saving it as makefile.txt.
> when i type make it says no targets.

The make utility expects the makefile to be named 'makefile' or 'Makefile',
(and in some versions, 'makefile.mak'), not 'makefile.txt'.  If you use a
non-standard filename for the makefile, you must specify it with a -f switch
to make:

make -f makefile.txt hw3op


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You might consider running through a tutorial on make and makefiles.
Simply google "makefile make tutorial" and pick from the 8 or 10 that
are at the top of the list.

b_vishwajitAuthor Commented:
I have already read an introduction to makefile. Thanks though. You were quite helpful. Thanks to everyone else for trying to answer.
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