Link to subpage of site w/frames

Is is possible to link to a subpage on a site using frames? They are using 2 frames, one for the content and one for the navigation.

Obviously if I link to the subpage I get only the subpage and no navigation. Is there a way around this problem.

Could I add a little javascript to url to tell the browser to follow one of the navigation links? Like - <a href="'scholarships.html'>Link</a>
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There isn't an easy way to link directly to a content page and maintain the frameset when you land, that is what is completely evil about frames.

You can recreate the frameset locally and link to that - i.e. have a page on your own server (call it linked.htm)

<frame src="">
<frame src="">

obviously setting the frame names, positions, sizes etc.

OR rely on the target page using javascript to detect it has been divorced from its frameset and recreate it with javascript before reloading itself (nasty)

The main thing to do is to complain to the site owner that you want to link to their content but cannot because they use frames.  They may want you to ONLY link directly to their homepage, which puts a downer on things anyway.


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Yes, you can link to the subpage.  Right-click on the page and get the name of the page and link to that address.  If they are using the other frame for navigation, I'm not sure what else you could do unless you create your own frame that contains your version of navigation.
evcoAuthor Commented:
I know...damn frames.

Mike - I started using your idea but then discovered that the site is using an iframe to load subpages...I wasn't going to post the url but it might help to see it -

I'm looking to link from another site to the Delt Scholarships page.

Any ideas.

Even with the page using an iframe, you can link directly to the subpage.  In this case, put in your main frame and then recreate some navigation of your own in another frame.  In this case, it isn't as easy as using their navigation.html (since their navigation isn't in a frame) or something but you could copy their code and images and rework it for your own use.
evcoAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks for the workaround.
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