Swap out server running Win 2000 with new server running Win 2003

My office runs a single server.  Is there any easy way to swap out my old server for a new one?  The current server is a Dell running Windows 2000 (PDC, DNS Server, DHCP server, Active Directory).  The new server came from Dell with Windows 2003 installed.  I cannot run 2 servers as the old server is a leased unit that must be returned to Dell soon.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you run the two servers for a short period? The best way would be to build the new server and join it to the domain.
Forest Prep and Domain Prep to turn the domain in to a Windows 2003 Mixed domain then DCPROMO the new server in.
Move all the roles across to the new server, including data.
Then DCPROMO the old server out, reboot and drop it back in to workgroup.
All done.

If you cannot have both servers running at the same time, then do you have access to a workstation that is quite powerful and enough storage space? You could install a 30 day trial version of VMWARE on to the workstation, install Windows 2000/2003 server in to that repeat above in to the VMWARE machine. When the new server is ready reverse the process to move everything to the new machine.

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