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I have been working on this project for more than a year now. I only attended one Hands-on VB6 class, and I designed the application using a MSFlexGrid and making it work like a worksheet. I use text fields. Combo, and DatePicker objects on top of the flex grid to enter and modify data. The user enters the date (Datepicker), the user id defaults to the Login, time from and to, Leave descripton (Combo), the Contact Nbr, and Contact Name. I had my colleagues test the program, and they always find bugs on it. I'm using random access file to store the records.

The program works fine if the user enters data in sequence from left to right, won't click the fixed rows, or any unusual clicking on the flex grid. Of course, that is not acceptable.

I need your opinion on whether I should just change the program so that the MSFlexGrid is used only for display, and let the editing on separate text fields outside of the grid.
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I hate to sound judgemental but why not just use Excel, or another worksheet app, instead of a VB app?

The nature of what you are trying to do can be handled by Excel pretty easily.  

Storage of your results and text entry are both a given.  It can do combos directly onto the worksheet and date entries either by allowing the user to type or a form with a date picker/month control launched via a small button.  Creating the rows on the fly can also be achieved via macros so your users always have rows to enter into.


To answer you actual question :) the FlexGrid is pretty naff and you have to work hard to get any kind of 'pleasant' or controlled interface from it.  

There are much better grid controls available that can do the kind of things you want - at a price of course.  The only one I have much experience of is Formula One but it is probably overkill for what you want.  TrueGrid does your requirements I think but been some years since I saw it.

Your last point makes most sense - display via FlexGrid and collect data via an edit form.  Makes data entry much slower though - you lose that ease of movement between bits of data that a spreadsheet gives.

If you want to go the Excel route but also want to wrap it within its own VB6 app, you can reference the Microsoft Excel Object Library and add the Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Control to your app.  This will give you the Excel functionality within your app...

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