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Mac OS X Printing Stalls when sending to Network Printer through Win2K Server

For over a year, our school's teachers and administrator have been able to print to our networked Lanier 5685 copier/printer.  We are using TCP/IP to network and originally added the printer as "generic" from the Printer Utility using AppleTalk/Local AppleTalk Zone.  We are using Mac OS 10.2.8 and 10.3.5.  We have a wireless network that uses a win2k server as a file server and to queue our print jobs. The printer uses a D-Link wireless adapter to join the network.

For the past three weeks, every job we have sent to the printer has stalled in the server and had to be deleted from the queue. Print jobs created on our server and sent to the printer work with no problems. We haven't made any changes in the server software. I have updated the Macs so they are current and have repaired permissions on each of them.  I have tried deleting the printer from some of our computers and downloading/installing the recommended drivers (2002 vintage) from Lanier's website. This didn't help. I don't know where to go next. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!!!!!
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- Is there any error on EventViewer in the w2k server?

- Try creating a new printer on the w2k server that point to the same printer and shared it just like the other one.   Can Mac clients print to this 'new' printer?

Good luck.
I'm having trouble too.  I have to go in (on the macs) as admin & use printer setup util.  I usually delete the printer & re-add it.  If this doesn't work, I have to go to Sys Prefs/Network & turn apple talk off on the ethernet (in your case airport card) & then turn it back on & it works.  We are using HP printers with the correct drivers.
It's not really a solution, but it is a work-around.

Good luck!
hopetechadminAuthor Commented:
We fixed the problem although the cause is still somewhat of a mystery.  The printer's IP address had reverted to its default.  (We're using DHCP and the IP license period may have run out and affected the printer?????)  We reset the printer's IP address to the desired static address and reset the D-Link to its default settings, so it would simply act as a pass-thru mechanism.  Following these changes, everything started working perfectly!!

Thanks for your suggestions.  I'll archive them for the next printing challenge!!

In my office, I allocated a certain block of IP addresses for these kind of equipments.  All the printers are to be put on static IP address within that block (for easy management, as another block is reserved for Access Point's IP, etc, etc).

If you need to put them on DHCP, then put the Printer's MAC address on reserve on the DHCP server, so each time it will get the same IP address from the DHCP server. :)

Your finding is a great input for me.  Sometimes we will overlook even the simplest thing... :)
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