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Can anyone let me know of a free web hosting service provider where I can upload my webpages using Frontpage or any other HTML tools
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Hammadian2Connect With a Mentor Commented:

all these sites offer free domain hosting plan
I tried to order them by relialibility, it's not very accurate bt brinkster and geocities are the best
JonybrvAuthor Commented:
I tried most of them. Are you sure they support uploading using Fronpage from a local machine ?
aprestoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i think i have uploaded in dreamweaver before not sure about frontpage, worth a go.  Alot of them have ther own upload facilities and i dont tihnk they support application uploads.
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probably brinkster will support this
humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most free hosts are pretty bad.  A couple of exceptions: (PHP/MySQL) and (ASP, PHP/MySQL).  The Brinkster free eductaional plan ( mentioned above is also good.

I don't know if they support uploading from Front Page.
andrey_2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The best free host is, it will allow you to utilize frontpage and there servers are up 99% of the time. Its definitely the best provider. I think the 2nd best 1 is, 
JonybrvAuthor Commented:
I really appreciate the help you have provided guys.

Domaindlx nor Brinkster supports uploading using Frontpage. I have checked with their support.

Frandt seems to have only paid hosting.

Have anyone tried uploading using any applications Frontpage, DreamWeaver, Visual InterDev ? to any of these free hosting service providers ?
With DreamWeaver, you can upload via the built-in FTP feature.  100webspace and 000k both allow FTP uploading.  If you don't hve DreamWeaver, here are a couple of excellent (free) FTP clients - &

000k also uses cPanel, which allows file uploads via File Manager.  You can see how to do that here:  I don't use FrontPage (nor would I recommend it), so I don't know what built-in upload features it has.
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