Can't exit Outlook 2000 after opening a Note - "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."

When I attempt to exit Outlook 2000 in the normal way using File/Exit and Log Off, an error is reported:

"Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."

There's an OK button.
When I press it, I get another dialog saying:

"The note will be closed and your changes will not be saved."

There's an OK button and a Cancel button.
If I click the OK button, I get the error message again.
If I click the Cancel button, it cancels, but Outlook is still running. (I was trying to exit it.)

This only happens if I have opened or created a Note at some time while I've had Outlook open.
Also, it may be significant that I use Outlook to synchronise with a Palm OS PDA device.
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Follow this one by one and see if that would help your case

a)Open outlook .Go to help menu and click "Detect and repair". Check if this would help.

b) Repair PST :

c)Also take a backup of all emails and go to control panel ---> mail --> delete the profile and recreate one again

d)Check for spywares and virus

e)If nothing works out repair or reinstall office go to control panel --> add/remove programs --> scroll down to office click on "change" and repair or reinstall . Then make sure to update going to

The comment: "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."
is shown if a database in the background is not correctly filled with all required field-values.

therefore i suggest the synchronization software of your palm has a little leak ,
that appears in the situation you described.
actually some fields of the dataset are empty .....
if the programmer didn't reckon with that the updateoperation in that datarow stops and gives
the message ..:''Could not....

so : don't worry too much just adapt to it....

(i'm far away of being arrogant : some one sayd recently to me : Oh ! This must be a banana-construction !
What ? a banana-construction ! :: product ripenes at customer.....)
peparsonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response and useful ideas. Here's the results:

a) I'd already done a "Detect and Repair". I had a problem that when I minimised Outlook it would't maximise by just clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Instead I had to right-click and select Restore. This problem was sorted out by the Detect and Repair, but the exiting problem wasn't affected.

b) I wasn't previously aware of this program. I tried it, but sadly it reported no errors and made no difference.

c) This is a PC that I've reloaded in the last week (for unrelated reasons). I had this problem before the reload too. So, it's a new profile anyway.

d) As I said, it's a newly loaded PC. I have a virus checker installed (ClamWin) and I've run Spybot Search & Destroy to make sure it's clean and to immunise it. I don't think it's a Spyware/Virus problem.

e) It's a new installation, and I've done a Repair/Install recently anyway. However, I wasn't previously aware of the link for updating Office. I tried that and it didn't exactly fix the problem, but it has affected it. What happens now is that I still get the error message, but when I click "OK", it exits.

So, you've been a massive help and I can cope with the problem now. (I don't have to kill Outlook from the Task Manager.)

What I'd like to do is to leave this question open for a couple more days in case anybody else has any bright ideas.

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Check this;en-us;842942
and see if you have any add-in because of the PALM synchronization s/w


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peparsonsAuthor Commented:
I have to admit, I don't know much about Add-Ins, but I know where to find them in Outlook...

I found the following COM Add-Ins:
Outlook Synchronization

I found the following Add-Ins:
Chapura Settings
Net Folders
Bynari Insight Connector
Internet Mail
Exchange Extensions property pages

So, referring to the MS article, I don't have Office Live Meeting, and I'm using Outlook 2000, not 2003.
The Chapura Add-In is for the Palm synchronization.
The Bynari Insight Connector is for connecting to a linux server which behaves similar to an Exchange Server.

Do you think I should do what it says in the Workround from the MS web site?
I was aware that you had OL 2000.. Forgot to mention in my previous comment about that..

What do you plan to do according to that workaround ?
peparsonsAuthor Commented:
I think was the MS article is saying is that if you're going to install 3rd party add-ins, you need to do it after you've installed all the MS stuff, including any add-ins.

So, in the spirit of that article, I could:
1. Uninstall the Bynari software.
2. Uninstall the Palm software.
3. Uninstall Outlook.

Then start again:
1. Install Outlook.
2. Apply any upgrades there may be using the web site you told me about.
3. Install the Bynari software.
4. Install the Palm software.

But it will take quite a long time and I'm not sure how likely it is to work.
I have the same problem. We recently restored exchange 2003 and some of the users using client outlook get the same error. Any ideas
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