Terminal Services Printer Redirection

I know that a W2K client connecting to a terminal services session can have printing re-directed to a local LPT port. The question is can printing be re-directed to a "standard tcp/ip" printer port as well? If so, how?

Thanks in advance.
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map000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, you have to install the printer on the server
you have to chose (in the installation wizard for the printer) local printer and than create a new port ... and than chose tcp/ip (with the ip of your printer)
you also have to specify the corect driver for the printer (you can copy the driver on the server or on a network share)
after that you'll have the printer installed on the server and the users could print directly to that printer (you can also take a look at the permissions if you want to give different access to users)
you simply install the network printer on the terminal server (and allow the users you want to use it)
if you don't want to install the printer on the server, you can  (but only on Win2k3) to map the local printer from the computer to the ts session
jmamelokAuthor Commented:
Could you be more specific on how to direct a terminal services print job to a local network printer using IP

Thank you.

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