untar tarred files and more...

Need to know how to create a specialized file management cgi script, preferrably a shellscript, perl if necessary, to untar uploaded tar files within a directory.  The script would also keep the original directory structure contained within the tarball.  This script would be run from a password protected HTML form, ie; clicking a web button would untar the tar file into its own directory (the name of the directory would be from from the filename).  Having some sort of chooseable directory/file listing within the HTML page would be a plus.  

Originally, I wanted to be able to use cron to automatically schedule the untarring of the files at a certain time but I do not have root access to the server, which also means I dont have the ability to install any perl modules.  

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The script would be:

cd destinationDir
tar -xf /path/to/tarfile.tar

to list the contents of the archive:

tar -l /path/to/tarfile.tar

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