Siren Beeping In windows.

My system is as follows:
Abit IC7-Max3
3.2 P4 800fsb HT with Coolermaster aero7 lite
1024 DDR RAM
Geforce fx 5900XT
2x160gig Maxtor SATA HDs
450W PSU
Windows XP Pro

Recently my computer has been a pain, firstly the northbridge started to fail. After brushing off the dust it decides to come back alive.

Now when windows is loaded there is a beeping noise.
The beeping noise starts off as a single beep. When i execute a task the beep continues. If i leave it idle the beep goes away. After opening a few programs or folders the beep turns into a siren style beep.

I have no idea what causes this, I have the abit hardware monitor installed.
I checked the RPM of the fans on the motherboard and they seem to be operating at normal rates.
I check the temperature, the processor is at 42C and the power is at 33C.
However the siren style beep continues.
I have checked also on the hardware monitor the voltages. They all seem to be in range of the set vaules.
I have no idea what is wrong.

Any suggestion are greatly appricated.
If more information is required please just leave a message.
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You might want to look into proper airflow for you case. Buy extra fans it neccesary. Also try keeping the pc dust free with extractor fan(s).
is your memory in a single stick or 2?  if 2 try removing one to see if the problem changes, then swap it out with the other one and try again.
What is the system temperature? Is there a fan on the north bridge? Are you using correct version of Abit EQ?

Q:Why can't I synchronize my BIOS & ABIT EQ settings?

A: This function is supported on µGuru series models. On non-µGuru models, after saving some BIOS items (ex: CPU Warning Temperature, CPU FanEQ Speed Control, etc.) and restarting, the BIOS will monitor these values until shutdown. If ABIT EQ is launched, these functions will replaced from the settings in ABIT EQ, which is the cause of the asynchronous issue between BIOS & ABIT EQ. Once ABIT EQ is closed, these settings will reflect those in BIOS.
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YarakyoAuthor Commented:
My memory is in 2 sticks both in slot 1, for dual channel.
I am not sure if it would be caused by the memory, the system runs fine except for the siren beeping.
However i will keep that in mind.

The system temperature is usually low, around 20C to 30C. I have no sides on my case.
There is a fan on the northbridge which is functioning properly.
I used the version of Abit EQ on the disc provided i will get the actual version when i hook my machine back up.
It sounds like you have a problem with the north bridge getting to hot. You had stated that after you brushing off the dust it started to work? This could be a problem. 875 Chipsets run hot. I have that exact MB and the North bridge runs about 2 deg cooler than the CPU. About 37 deg @ idle and about 45 deg @ load. I would make sure that the cooling device is properly contacting the north bridge.
Also check in the BIOS to see where your warning levels are set for you temps.
If this continues, I would get a replacement MB
I've had a similar problem on my Abit KD7. The cpu temp was round 42C under load while the chipset was reaching round 56C.
I bought a custom fan, and temp dropped to 36C.
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