DFP to DVI to VGA ???

Is it possible to have a Sony Vaio Monitor connect through a female 40 pin DFP (MDR-20) cable to a Male to Female DFP to DVI connector, and then through a DVI to VGA connector, all plugged into a GeForce FX 5200 card?

Sounds simple, I don't have the hardware yet, was wondering if I could do that kind of digital to analog conversion through so many converters.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Careful in how you state your question. DVI to VGA is possible but the reverse, VGA to DVI is not without the use of a converter. If the output of the GF card is VGA then you must use a converter.

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AaronDittoAuthor Commented:
No, what I'm needing to do is take a Sony Vaio Monitor that has a DFP (MDR-20) cable that looks like this...

And put an adapter on it like this...

And then an adapter on top of that, like this....

If not, is there any other way I can do it, like I said the monitor cable is female.
You don't understand... if the signal from the video card is analog...a simple connector will not digitize the signal...the converter must be an A/D converter(digitize the signal), otherwise, it will not work....T
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AaronDittoAuthor Commented:
Ok I understand, so is there any other way I can do it without having to buy a $300 converter??? I can buy a whole new monitor for that price.
AaronDittoAuthor Commented:
Also, why is it I can take a DVI to VGA adaptor and hookup up a regular 15Pin monitor to a digital DVI port with only an adaptor?
Because DVI-I has both a digital signal and an analog signal - the adaptor just picks off the analog pins.  If it were DVI-D, you could not do this.
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