Electronic Rolodex

I have an old electronic rolodex pocket file 64K and an electronic rolodex file 64K. I am trying without success to transfer the data from the pocket file to the larger unit. I would like to purchase a state of the art unit of some kind that I could use but somehow I need to capture the data from the pocket unit. The method of transfer is supposed to be infrared but I am unable to make it work. Any suggestions?
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The thing i noticed with infrared and small devices is you need to hold it away from the device. I.E. don't have it close.... maybe a minimun of 1 foot. Go to the site that sells the new unit and see what they say regarding getting old information transferred and see if they have a data transfer cable. Just a few things to try, hope it helps.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
can you post the full make and model of the items, and then we might be able to track down some tools or specs for the infra red?
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
cheers! Danny
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