Any way to supress clicking sound on window.location.href=''

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I'm experimenting with using self-submitting IFRAMES to monitor activity on a form by converting the form elements into a string and requesting, in the IFRAME (which is 0px by 0px, i.e., invisible), a server script which stores the state of the form, every 5 seconds.

However, when the IFRAME is updated, the browser makes a clicking sound, and the hour-glass cursor appears momentarily. Any way to stop that? If not, I shall have to resort to Remote Scripting, which is whole lot more complicated.
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mastallamaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>You can only alter the mouse-look via setting the style of what it is hovering over, and in this case it is not hovering over anything;

yes you can, i changed the mouse pointer on my band's music page to the devil horns and i've seen other sites that completely change your mouse even when it's an hourglass.

for the devil horns on i did the following...

BODY { cursor: url("")}

you can also use
a, a:hover {cursor:url("...

i've done some searching and haven't found anything about the hourglass yet, but i may not be searching for the right thing.  I can probably image the cursor isn't your biggest problem but the *click* every 5 seconds from the browser window is.  Maybe you could create a 1px x 1px flash movie with a wav file in it and when the page loads set the volume to 0.  That should stop the *click* from sounding but if whomever is on your page is listening to a CD or mp3 then they may suddenly lose the volume of their music.

Turn off the sound volume ;-)
Have you got ie sound pack installed ? if yes then these migth interest you

That appears to only work if altered locally and manually.  It doesn't seem that the sound can be altered on a client's machine without their sayso to alter the registry, or is there a silent way of altering the registry from a webpage.  If there is, I want to know how to block a website from messing around with my registry.

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I've seen websites that alter the mouse look... you could do this to keep the hourglass mouse icon from showing... set it to a pointer.  (Sorry, don't have reference to them now.) The sound might be averted by having the page play a silent .wav file.  This might cover the click sound.
why not collect the results and send them back periodically say in sets of 20 or when the page unloads.
metalaureateAuthor Commented:

You can only alter the mouse-look via setting the style of what it is hovering over, and in this case it is not hovering over anything; I *am* already caching the results and then sending them back to the user every 5 seconds, which is as long as I can wait for the kind of data I am collecting. FYI, I'm writing a remote usability monitoring system, something I can temporarily bolt on to my website to analyse the behavior of test users on functionally complicated pages with heavy fall-off.

To conclude then, the IFRAME method is simple and works great for infrequent, preferably user-initiated actions, such as selecting an item from a list (e.g., select item, this initiates a call to the server which then retrieves data needed to provide additinional options for this choice). However, if you cannot turn off the beep and the hour-glass, it's not a good solution for a monitoring-type application.
Here's a working solution that might work for you:
metalaureateAuthor Commented:
Alas, not; it relies on not having to pass new parameters to the IFRAME document for every refresh, much I must to do to log the visitor behavior data... back to the drawing board!
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