Charts in Crystal reports - font size in Data labels

I have a horizontal bar chart sized to be the height of a full page, with data labels on the bars.

There are a lot of bars in this chart, and as a result they are quite narrow, and the font size for the data labels is too big. The labels overlap, or just look plain messy.

How can I make the font size of the data labels smaller?

I have tried:
(a) right clicking on the labels, and selecting Chart Options/Selected Item from the pop-up menu. The smallest font size available from the drop-down box in this dialog box is 4 points, which is too big (incidently, a genuine 4 point font would probably be plenty small enough, but CR increases the size of the font relative to the size of the chart, since the has been streched to be the height of a full page)
(b) Using the Chart Expert. Here I can deselect "automatically set chart options", and in the "Text" section of the expert I can set font attributes for various parts of the charts, including something called "Data labels". Here font sizes smaller than 4 points can be entered. But when I enter a font size here, it has no effect on the actual font size of the Data Labels in the chart.  Is this a bug in Crystal reports? or am I looking in the wrong place?

NB: using Crystal Reports V 10.

I've been searching the net, searching the CR help files, and wasted heaps of time fiddling with the chart, but all to no avail - I look forward to your help!

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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Oops, I reread the post and realized that you were referring to the data labels and not the legend text.

I agree with the other experts that the DATA LABEL text can not be made smaller than the values listed in the listbox.
frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't seen any way to make them any smaller than what you've already done.  

You can't make the font any smaller, but you could stagger the labels.

In CR10, select the label on the group Axis, right click and choose "Chart Options -> Grid".  Next you will see two vertical "tabs", Data Axis and Group Axis.  Click on Group Axis.  Now you will see a "Labels" tab.  You can either "Stagger" labels or only have ever Xth label appear.

That's it.
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You can make the font smaller.
Right Click the Chart, and choose Chart Expert.
Click the Text tab.
Highlight Legend title under Format in the lower right, and click the Font button.
In the Font dialog, instead of selecting a value from the listbox, type your own value in the text box.  I used a 3 and it worked fine.
If it doesn't work, then your font may not support that size.
I used the standard Arial font and was able to put in a 1,2, or a 3.  CR 10 even supports half sizes like 3.5 if you wanted to use it.

It is a little strange why they would give you full control over the size of any of the Legend text, Title, Subtitle, or Footnote, yet they make you stay within the confines of the preset values for the data labels.
dtaylor92Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Only possible alternative I know is to give a call to:

These guys built the graphics engine that Crystal Reports uses, so perhaps their sales people would be able to make a recommendation, if it's really that critical.

Are you going to close this thread now?
sam__bAuthor Commented:
Hi people,

Thanks for your comments
frodoman, bdreed35 - although you have not provided a solution, thanks for your comments which have relieved me of the suspicion that I might be insane for not being able to figure it out.
dtaylor92 - note to your first comment - I was trying to edit the labels that go on the bars rather than the labels that go on the axis (although you may have figured this out already). I will investigate the plug-in you have suggested.  From a brief browse of their website, it appears that it may tidy up some of the weaknesses in the CR charting functionality - a pity these features aren't included!
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