I've recently upgraded to Virus Scan 8.0i, now when attempting to Add Attachments Outlook 2003 crashes.

We've upgraded to Virus Scan 8.0i and since then Outlook 2003 crashes when adding attachments.  We can drag and drop to add attachments but not explicitely click on the attachment icon.  We've done the repair install, we've unchecked add - ons, we've reinstalled the Virus scan product, we've ran outlook with various switches (safe, and also cleanprofile).  What generally resolves the problem is uninstalling 8.0i which we are trying to keep.  

Any suggestions please?  
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Make sure to have the latest updates for OL 2003 (Sp1) and the latest updates for the Virus scan and see if that would help.

Can you temporarily turn off the virus scan and then click on attachments and does it work ?

Can you check going to tools > options > other > advanced options > COM Add-ins
and see if there is any COM Add-in associated with the virus scan . That might be causing it.. Check to see what happens if you remove it and then try attaching and clicking on email..

msgirlfight929Author Commented:
We did all those steps.  And yes if we go to the Tool>options>other>advanced options>COM add-ins and disable the Exchange Scan it works.  However, I have my exchange scan checked and e-mail attachments works.  You can drag and drop in all these cases and it works.  On some systems, and it varies with the Office products, the user's can save to their desktop or my documents folder.  They get access denied.  Uninstalling the AV software without even a reboot resolves the issue.
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msgirlfight929Author Commented:
We use roaming profiles, and some user's can simply switch machines and everything works for them, some user's have the joy of the problem following them.  
So what have you decided about solving the issue, uninstall the AV ?
msgirlfight929Author Commented:
I've suggested pulling the software and redeploying 7 because it worked.  Apparently there is a hook in the software, and when Exchange scan is disabled it works...however, they don't want to disable it.  The vast majority of the user's have no problem.  Just one site.  Microsoft has analyzed the dump files and confirmed the two dlls causing the problem belong to McAfee...

In reviewing the dump the hang is likely being caused by one of the 2
loaded modules.
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\mytilus.dll
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\ScanEmal.Dll

Recommend removing AV and testing for repro.

McAfee denies there's any problem, so we've invited them to come witness the chaos.  

It also affects other products in the Office suite....Access denied when trying to open files from the my documents folder.  

Generally...this is a nightmare...but people are living through it.  
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