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I have created a realestate site with Dreamweaver using the SWAP IMAGE behavior (Javascript) throughout all the property pages. My client is going to be using Contribute 3 to update the property pages. Anyone know of a way to edit the behaviors (Javascript) within Contribute?

If this is not possible, is there a HTML/Javascript editor out there which would be able to access and change the SWAP IMAGE script?


Rob G.
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Do you have to change the scrip?

If for example you just want to be able to change the images, why not just replace the images, keeping the same file name, the scrip will not need to be changed and it will disply the new image.

Also I have used a trick in the past with optional regions. To giving the customer say 4 different option, just have them turn the one they want on, and the old one off.

Depends what you are trying to allow the customer to do. And how much control you want to give them.

Well I think this would be a waste of time as their is an id assigned to each image in dreamweaver. Also you have to preload the images before you go for the mouseover or rollover script. So why not go for an easy to add javascript image preloader script freely available on nearly every jscript site on the web. Moreover just copy and paste the free available mouseover scripts from differnent availble code sites and edit it. And you are done guy!
Fahd Murtaza
rgogginsAuthor Commented:
I suggested to my client that they purchase BBedit 8.0, since they are using a Mac, and they love it. You can edit live HTML, JAVA etc.... I have used BBedit for some time and I thought it would be far too complicated for client to grasp. The latest version makes editing simple.

I appreciate the suggestions and that's why I will split the points.

Thanks again.
Ok man thanks for the points.
Fahd Murtaza
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