trying to get my cleints internet access thru a firewall using 2003 Server using Nat

My firewall has windows 2003 Server enterprise installed to the computer.  I heard I could use NaT to do something.  Here is a diagram of a picture what I wish to do. ( ) What i am trying to do is get my cleint computers from the 192 network to have access thru the 172 network thru my firewall.
I have all the accounts and everything ready.  Just trying to go the next step to give all my cleints access to the network.  But need to be on the same network at the same time to do so.  So I need somehow I can translate the two networks to grant this workgroup access to the internet.

please help me

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NetworkArchitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi spooofeee,
Its fairly straightforward. First, have you followed steps similar to this: ?

spooofeeeAuthor Commented:
this will setup the firewall it says...  but will it give my cleint access to the internet on the 192 network?
172 network is the network with internet access with dhcp aready handing out ip addresses.
Sure, just set your DHCP server and other clients to use that firewall as their gateway and it should work fine. Once you setup Routing and Remote Access and you set the clients to use that server as the gateway it should all be rather seemless.
I am curious, on your diagram there is something called "Rack Server". Is this the machine running windows 2003 and the firewall is seperate ? If as you say the Firewall is the one that has windows 2003 then as "NetworkArchitek" pointed out by configuring NAT it will work.  But if it not. then you will have to make NAT mapping or Use the firewall to get your clients to access internet.

I Hope you have 2 network cards on the Firewall machine if it's the one running windows 2003 or the ability for that Server to do VLAN (1 network card but with two different VLANS, one for 192.xx and another for 172.xx )
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