Printing in Windows XP

Don't know if this is the right area or not so apologies in advance if its not.

My problem is that I have developed a VB app which displays maps and allows people to add lines for information to the maps.  These lines can be of any style, eg solid or dotted. The maps can then be printed, however, due to some lines being light coloured they appear feint and are therefore 'thickened' to allow then to appear clearer on teh print. When printed in any windows OS up to 2K they printed as expected, eg solid or dotted.  However, with XP all 'thickened' lines are printed solid.

The maps are drawn to the VB printer object from the view control.

I have also tried changing printer drivers but still doesn't make any difference.

Does anybody know what the problem is or if there is a solution.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Ah yes I see what you mean under XP it does apply the thick border to the whole line and the dashes are overlaid by the solid thicker border.

It is definitely a bug which I cannot find a workaround for other than to print two or 3 lines with borderwidth 1 about 15 grid points apart using Y1 and Y2 differentials for horizontal lines and X1 X2 spacing for Vertical lines.

An ugly workaround but it does create a thick dotted line by lining up more than one.
Can you post some examlpe? Some simple program which produces the same result.

So we can recreate the problem on our computers.
Which view control exactly?
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rob1000Author Commented:
The view control is actually a third paty control however, a picture box does the same thing.  It then redraws the lines to the printer object to print.

The easist way to recreate is to draw some lines on a picture box and set their borderwidth and borderstyle accdordingly., eg borderstyle=2, 1 in the printer object, will give a dotted line.  If this then has its boderwidth set to say 3, then the line is printed solid and does not thicken.
Oh also helped to turn off align to grid in options>general.
rob1000Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.  It was a problem I thought was related to XP, didn't know how though, and needed somebody to agree with me.  Got the workaround working in my test app so will give it a try in the app, thanks it was much appreciated.
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