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Hey i have comcast high speed internet, which until a few months ago gave out ip addresses to everyone. multiple. So i could hook up all my computers with just a switch, no router needed. Then one day they decided to give you one ip address and make you pay for the rest. So i emailed them and they say theres no way to have internet on multiple computers without a router or buying more ip addresses. So right now i have a network of 3 computers, 1 of them has internet. The internet is plugged directly into the hub, then the 3 computers also into the same hub. One computer has the internet, and the other 2 get an "automatic private IP address" (according to the windows xp networking dealy) so they can see each others files and crap over the windows network, but no internet. So can i set up proxy to the computer with internet from the other computers, or is there some sort of "Virtual router" i can get, like maybe put 2 ethernet cards in the internet worthy computer or what?? any ideas? thx in advance (heres all my points :p make this good :D)
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You can use 2 ethernet cards in the PC connected to the Internet and setup Internet Connection Sharing on that PC.  This will allow the other computers to share the Internet.  Although this works, there are drawbacks: reliability, security, and the fact that the "hosting" PC needs to be on for the other computers to access the Internet.

You'd be much better off buying a Linksys cable/dsl router.  This can be found for under $50 and will allow all computers to access the Internet but far more reliably and securely than using ICS.  I definitely recommend using a hardware router over ICS, hands down.  But if you can't, ICS will do the trick.
collinwingetAuthor Commented:
sweet sounds like that owuld work i'll try it
collinwingetAuthor Commented:
oops! crap i forgot to accept answer.. but yeah that was the one that worked thanx
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