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I have a subform which has source object from a table. My question is how can I hide the headers or field names in the subform?

thanks in advance
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Hi ishadowme,

Change the sub form view, from datasheet view to form view and design the layout you desire.

ishadowmeAuthor Commented:
Hi Sashp,

Maybe I didn't make my question clearly, let me try it again.

I have a main form and a subform inside it. My subform links to a table. What I have right now is when I open the main form, my subform will show everything from the table (field names, records...). What I want to archive is my subform will only show records without any field name on top of it.

As SashP said, the subform may be in datasheet view, if not delete the labels, if it is in datasheeetview, change to continuous form and remove the labels, as well dont show page header in the subform. To do this, go, in design mode, to View menu and uncheck Page header and form header.

You can't (I think) hide the column titles in a datasheet view... However, you can set them to " " (i.e. without text).

If the subform is an actual form (Access 97), then set the label associated with each control to " ".

If the subform is just a datasheet, open the recordsource, display the field properties and put " " as Caption. (You may want to use Alt+0160 instead of space, though.)

If that is not acceptable, be prepared to do a lot of coding to have a continuous form behave like a datasheet.
Oh, yes, you can also use a list box, if there is no editing required and if you don't need to display numbers...

I hope this helps.

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