Flash Button: Question regarding "Animation in MouseOver and MouseOut on the button."

Hello.  This is my first time accessing this website.  Althought it is a bit confusing, I hope I am asking a question the right way.

Onto the question, I am creating a Flash button where:

     -  MouseOver on the button will play Movie #1.
     -  MouseOut on the button will play Movie #2.

Now, I can do the first part without a problem because I can create Movie #1 within the "Over" section of the button.  The problem is, I don't understand how to implement a method so that when MouseOut is detected, Movie #2 will play.

I don't know if you guys can understand what I mean, and I have supplied a link to the .fla file below:


Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.  I am sort of a newbie to designing with Flash, and this part of working with buttons seems a bit advanced to me.  Thank you.  Have a nice day.

I currently only have 245 points, and I will offer it all to the person who can give me a solution.  Thank you.
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Hi there,
Thank you for the link to the .fla files. I've change some code inside and i have post it at http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home2001/n0069866/button.swf and http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home2001/n0069866/button.fla 
I hope this is something you are looking for. But let me explain what i have done to the source code.
As you mention you want two movies clip instance to be play for mouseOver and mouseOut event. The step i outline is:
1. Put the Two movies clip to the Scence and make a name for the instance as
m_over and m_out for the over movie clip and mouseOut movie clip. Then make it invisible by using _visible funtion i.e.
m_over._visible= false;

2.Attached a function to the original button that will call in the event that the mouseOver or mouseOut is triggered
on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {
3. Finally, save and run

Last note, if you have doubt plz post it more here, i'd be glad to assist you :)
nycztoneeAuthor Commented:
Hi Sokhdom.  Thank you for the reply to my thread.

I have been searching through the net and found many interesting articles relating to the title.

I really appreciate your detailed reply.  It really helped me understand a whole new level of flash actionscripts.  My Flash knowledge isn't very deep, but because of people like you, it is improving by the day.  Thank you.

I still am uncertain about how all the experts-exchange.com features work.

I have accepted your Answer with the highest grading point.  Does that mean my 245 points have been sent to you?  I hope so.  I am also sending in a form of e-mail, because I realized after I accepted your answer, the topic got closed.  Best of luck to you Sokhdom.  Thanks again for the help. :)
nycztoneeAuthor Commented:
Woah, welll, I guess it wasn't E-mail after all. :)
Hi Nycztonee,
You are welcome :)
You are not alone, Me too, i'm still trying to get used to EE. Anyways, if you have more problem related to Flash or anything related to computer, i believe people here in EE are capable to offer helps.
Regarding flash, you have done the initiative by reading from online tutorial. That's the best start. Well, from the questions you post, you should be able to learn the following key points:

_visible property,
RollOver and RollOut events of the button
Where to put those actionscript

Best wish in your Flash Movies,
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